The second season of professional football in Los Angeles with the LA KISS is right around the corner. This year, the team is bigger, better and will kick ass on the field and off.

Defensive Back AJ Cruz a football player who simply had a dream and a goal when he walked onto the field for a chance to play for KISS at an open tryout, has quickly made an impact off and on the field.

Cruz and the rest of the LA KISS football team has been visiting a few high schools, middle schools, elementary schools throughout the Los Angeles and Orange County areas as part of the team’s Community Outreach program.

Community Outreach has become a huge thing for the team as a whole and Cruz and other members of the team has made it a mission for the 2015 season to teach kids about the important things in life. The most recent trip we with AJ Cruz taking the trip to visit Long Beach Wilson High School.

While visiting the campus and the students, he spoke with two classes and discussed the importance of staying in school, getting into a college or University, as well as setting goals.The goals, does not have to be all about sports. But, if you want to play professional football and running onto the field in front of 18.,000+ fans it’s not a bad goal to have. He also of course talked all about LA KISS Football and being a professional football player. So, we expect more people to learn about the team as well as making an impact in the community that we all call home.

AJ Cruz, has become a star as nobody thought that professional sports teams actually ever actually picked and offered contracts to athletes, that showed up to the open tryouts posted by so many teams around the country and the world. Athletes, that play college or minor league sports have called them a fundraiser and not worth your time and money. Cruz, is now a posterchild for what could happen if you set your mind to it and have a goal.

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